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Focus on emotional regulation: The Skills System

Children and Adults who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences tend to have significant difficulties managing emotions, which impacts their abilities to effectively form and maintain relationships, display pro-social behaviors, and often results in impulsive behaviors placing them at risk of further adverse experiences.  The Skills System created by Dr. Julie Brown is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy-informed emotion regulation skills training curriculum consisting of nine core skills and three System Tools that help people be effective at all levels of emotion. The Skills System is taught in the context of group therapy (or individual if needed) and is inclusive of the primary caretaker, such as a parent or DSP. The primary caretaker is also provided with an opportunity to participate in weekly consultation with the LifeConnect Health team to receive support in being effective in helping the individual practicing and mastering the skill.

A comprehensive clinical evaluation, including psychological and psychiatric assessments

12 weeks of Skills System Instruction Group Therapy, which includes 3 sessions per week and is inclusive of the primary caretaker. The 12 weeks curriculum is structured to be repeated until the individual has been assessed to have reached competency.


Individual therapy is offered for those who have been assessed to benefit from that modality.


Weekly Consultation for the primary caretaker to receive on-going support


Clinical Consultation when assessed necessary by the Circle of Support

Who can benefit

Adults and Children with an I/DD diagnosis who experience behavioral challenges

The service is most effective with those in the mild to moderate range of functioning.


Individuals with verbal communication skills are
more likely to benefit from the service.


Primary Caretakers, DSP’s and organizations.


We serve individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

What to expect from the service

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