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Connecting individuals with the supports necessary to optimize health and empower individual choice to achieve a fulfilling life.

About Us

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About Us

LifeConnect Health offers pivotal Person Centered Behavioral Health Services to children and adults who experience behavior challenges.  Leveraging unique and highly specialized expertise and clinical tools with tailored supports for both the individuals and their existing systems of support, LifeConnect’s capacity for scale and access includes TeleHealth technology. Our caring and committed team of psychiatrists and therapists have deep experience in the evaluation and support of individuals with complex needs. The LifeConnect model emphasizes communicative partnerships with existing providers and primary caretakers as key to creating an environment of support that maximizes potential and outcomes for each individual served.  Core to the model is teaching individuals to develop skills needed to manage their own emotions and, for the individual’s support persons (family or care staff), providing the tools and mentoring needed to effectively support and coach the individual in using these emotional coping skills.  This is the way LifeConnect empowers individuals and their supporters to choose and create their own healthiest and most fulfilling life and saves on the very high personal and systemic costs of the status quo.  


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Nashville Health Care Council
About Us

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